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Growing up in the Butcher Shop:  The Garden / IL Giardino


Ciao Amici,

     When Grandmom retired after many years of labor in the butcher shop, we enjoyed working the garden together. My job was to till the soil, dig the holes for the tomatoes, plant the tomatoes and later on hammer in the tomato poles. All with the watchful eye of Grandmom making sure (Creazione sicuro) that I was doing it right and also if I had any questions; she was there to answer them. One of the many things that I admired about her was that even in her late eighties; she never lost the desire to learn new ways to garden. The different salad greens she planted, like arugla, were always available for a fresh salad with oil & vinegar (olio & aceto). Another gift from the garden was all the different fresh herbs; flat leaf parsley, basil, oregano, mint and sage (prezzemolo, basilico, origano, zecca e saggio). These herbs were used all summer long. Many of which were used in marinades.

     Using the fresh peeled tomatoes, sautéed garlic, fresh parsley and basil they made a light sauce we called; “Shoe way Shoe way Sauce.” Everything was cooked together for only about twenty minutes. It almost took longer to boil the macaroni then it did to make the sauce.

     One herb I partially like is sage to flavor the veal chop. When I first started my business 21 years ago Grandmom gave me cuttings from the sage plant and it is still here next to the building. When we harvest some to put in our dishes, it is a pleasant reminder of her love of family, cooking and gardening.


Sometimes you cannot see tradition but you can taste it

Qualche volta non può vedere tradizione ma può assaggiare esso


If you know where the name “Shoe way Shoe way Sauce” comes from, please let me know.




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