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Growing Up in the Butcher Shop
Macaroni with Vegetables / Maccheroni con Verdure

Ciao Amici,
Everyone knows about the Sunday Macaroni with gravy meat dinners with the meatballs, sausage, bracioli, pork ribs, lamb shank and the like. Being Italian though, we also enjoyed the macaroni during week as well. Grandpop, Grandmom, Mom & Dad all had their favorite recipes that we all enjoyed. Some we had with the Olio d'oliva e aglio [olive oil & garlic] such as Chick-a Dade [cavatelli] and broccoli such a simple dish to make with only a few ingredients but to make it correctly they always used fresh broccoli, a good quality extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic and the homemade pasta. We saved the ricotta for the ravioli. The Chick a dades we made only had flour, water, eggs and olive oil. Even with simple ingredient the timing was crucial for making the dish a success. Like making sure the broccoli, garlic and pasta were cooked just right. After bringing the dish to the table, Grandmom would add the red pepper flakes and the Pecorino Romano cheese. Mom added nothing but salt. Other pasta dishes they would make were Ziti and Cauliflower and Cabbage with Malfalda [ribbons]. These recipes were enjoyed with what we called Shoe way Shoe way sauce made by sauté whole cloves of garlic then adding whole peeled tomatoes that you crush in the pot then add basil and parsley. Again It is not just the amount of the ingredients but the cooking technique and the quality of said ingredient. Also who can forget their Friday night pasta specials of macaroni with ceci beans, cannellini beans or peas. The aroma filled the air and as customers came into the Butcher Shop, as they do here at the shop, compliment us and say how it is just like the aroma at their Nonna’s home.

'What is the fastest Italian Car? No not a Ferrari, Maserati or Bugatti,
What then? A Fazool because you can’t Pasta Fazool'

Joe and family

J. DeFranco and Daughters Catering & Deli         

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