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Growing Up in the Butcher Shop:    Winter Salad / Insalata dell'inverno

Ciao Amici,

               When fresh garden lettuce and tomatoes were not available, Grandmom would hit the basement pantry to where all the rewards for the hard work she did in October were lined up on the shelves.  She would mix up a Winter Beet Salad with the sliced beets, chopped fresh celery, and sliced red onion to which she would add the vegetables that they had preserved or canned (conservato o inscatolato), sweet red vinegar peppers, hot pepperoncini peppers, dried cured black olives and sliced oranges. Olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper and dried oregano dressed the salad. Another favorite we enjoyed was a salad made with white cannelleni beans which were soaked over night and then cooked the following day along with canned tuna that was packed in olive oil. Sometimes this salad was served warm and you would add more olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper to your liking.  We often used bread as our utensil to scoop it up. The pantry also had other items that were brought out and used in the antipasto.There was the pickled eggplant (Melanzana sottaceta ), pickled green tomatoes (pomodori sottaceti Verdi) and hot peppers stuffed with anchovies (Caldo pepa imbottito con acciughe). So when the snow was falling it was only a short walk down the steps to have the ingredients for a great meal.


L’insalata,Buon salata, poc’aceto, buon’oliata

A little vinegar and a lot of oil make for a good salad


Cordiali saluti,


J. DeFranco and Daughters Catering & Deli
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