Weekly Specials 08-13 to 08-19

"SOUPS of the WEEK" $6.60 Qt

Beef Barley or Minestrone or Carrot Ginger


Carrot Ginger Maso Grilled Chicken


Pepper, Onion, Potato, Egg & Mozzarella 

WEEKLY SPECIALS & SIDES of the WEEK $14.15 each

Monday *Honey Dijon Chicken over rice

Tuesday *Skillet Pizza Pasta

Wednesday *Garlic Butter Pork Chop. Roasted Potatoes

Thursday *Caprese Stuffed Chicken/Angel hair Shooway Shooway

Friday Specials

Golden Fried Fillet of Sole/Greek Lemon Roasted Potatoes

Shrimp "Buon Gusto"

Pizza Joelene (Spinach, Roasted Peppers 3 cheese blend)

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Growing Up in the Butcher Shop:    Live For The Moment / Vivi Per Il Momento

Ciao Amici,


 Back to school in July?  Halloween in August? Christmas in October? This annoying retail trend is here to stay. Growing up in the butcher shop back then I believe that if my grandparents were here today they would shake their heads in disbelief and  would say the Merdicans are ruining it for us by using this “ holiday creep”. It is one thing to plan ahead but getting both trick or treat goodies along with stocking stuffers to start so early ruins it for me.   At one time stores waited until after Thanksgiving to bring out the Christmas items but now any thing goes. Stores claim they are giving customers what they want, for the stores it is all about getting ahead start on the competition. When we sat at the table for our Sunday dinner of macaroni and gravy meat, it was like the Frank Sinatra song says, “Let's forget about tomorrow, Let's forget about tomorrow, Let's forget about tomorrow for tomorrow never comes, Domani, forget domaini, Let's live for now and anyhow who needs domaini?” For those moments will never happen again and I am so grateful I was able to experience them. As I recall in some ways my grandparents lived a simple happy life. They removed unneeded possessions; they smiled and knew that each day is full of endless possibilities! Grandmom started her day with a smile. She was in control of her attitude every morning she was optimistic and fully appreciated the moments of today.  They loved what they did for a living. They did not have to “survive” the workweek constantly waiting for the next weekend “to get here” I never remember them dwelling on past accomplishments. Grandpop would say, “If you are still talking about what you did yesterday, you haven’t done much today”. Worrying was not on their to do list. They were appreciative of today and did not worry too much about tomorrow realizing that tomorrow is going to happen whether you worry about it or not. They were always ahead of their time and beyond old solutions to problems. Our world is changing so fast that most of yesterday’s solutions are no longer the right answers today. They were not locked into a “but that’s how we’ve always done it” mentality. They were always progressively thinking that yesterday’s solutions are not today’s solutions and they are certainly not tomorrow’s solutions.





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