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Growing up in the Butcher Shop: Spaghettata / Spaghetti dinner

Ciao Amici, 

  Certain phrases and words bring back the unique essence Of Growing up in the butcher shop  like  no other  and one of them is spaghetti dinner .  The phase has a duel meaning. one being the typical  Sunday dinner   Antipasto , Spaghetti and the  gravy meat  of meat balls, Sausage , Baciole , pieces of pork, veal, lamb some with bones some without , followed by an insalata  (salad) . The other way a spaghetti dinner was made was more impromptu and put together when friends stopped by unexpectedly, or when returning from a trip .It was a no fuss spontaneous meal made even more pleasant and enjoyable because of its friendliness. I remember returning home after a trip and the first thing we did was boil water ,followed by a small pot with olive oil and garlic some canned plum tomatoes and parsley. for shay shoeway sauce .and within minutes we were at the table enjoying the spaghetti and even more each others company. A good meal should always be shared with someone else. It is a way to share conversation and jokes, forget about work for a couple of hours and enjoy life. Be assured, grand mom and grand pop always found the time to eat properly and have fun doing it. Another tradition was to invite “al Improvso”more people to dinner   Grand mom had this ability to expand the food supply by accommodating unexpected guests .Life in Roseto back then was sometimes impromptu   Some days were not planned as it is   in this hectic world.


Let us go to the table and have the spaghetti now

lasci noi movimento alla tavola e ha lo spaghetti ora




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