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Growing Up in the Butcher Shop:   Heat Wave/ Onda del Calore


Ciao Amici,


     These hot summer days we’re experiencing makes me wonder how we ever managed to withstand the summer heat with out air condition while growing up in the butcher shop. The front of the store had an awning that stretched along the entire front of the building which helped to keep the store cooler.

     When we played out side on some of those summer days it was so hot that you could see the tar bubble in the road! We still played ball anyway and no one had a heat stroke. When we got home, Grandmom would take us to the sink and tell us to run cold water on our wrists because this will cool you off sooner. Sometimes Mom would make the Granita. She’d take the left over espresso and pour it into an ice tray and every so often she would take it out and stir it so it would not freeze solid but become slushy. She also made it with lemonade.

     Even with the fans humming and blowing air around, we were kind of lucky and could escape the scorching heat by walking into the walk-in refrigerator to get some relief. The store also had an underground basement that was always cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The long simmering sauce of winter and cooking all day was replaced during the summer months with a quick sear on the grill and an Agio Olio (oil and garlic) or a fresh tomato sauce for our macaroni. A simple snack of some scallions, aged provolone, Italian olives and bread or the Pane con olio e pomodori (bread with olive oil and tomatoes) kept us nourished without lighting the stove.

     Sitting on the back porch was a perfect place to watch a thunderstorm with hopes that cooler weather was on the way.


Arcobaleni si scusano per cieli adirati

Rainbows apologize for angry skies





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