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Christmas Menu

Traditional Italian Christmas Eve Dinner

Baccala Oreganato


Baccala baked with olive oil, cauliflower & seasoned Italian bread crumbs

Baccala Salad


Baccala, vinegar peppers, pepperoncini, celery, garlic, olives & onions in a lemon olive oil dressing.
Per Pound

Calamari Fritta


Lightly breaded calamari, deep fried & served with homemade marinara sauce

Calamari Salad


Calamari served chilled with an assortment of marinated vegetables and olives in a lemon oil dressing.
Per Pound

Fish Antipasto ~ Antipasto di Mare


Fish and vegetable appetizer with fresh cut celery, fennel, carrots, cured olives, Tuscan tuna bean salad, eggplant relish, roasted peppers, anchovies, hot peppers and orange salad

Orange Salad ~ Insalata di Arancia


Fresh sliced oranges, imported olives, capers & red onions on a bed of romaine lettuce dressed in extra virgin olive oil

Shrimp Scampi


Prepared with garlic butter & bread crumb

Zuppa Cippodada ~ Fish Stew


Traditional Christmas Eve Soup
Per Quart


Tall light cake with raisins

Baccala Alla Napolitano


Pan fried salted cod baked with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil & caper sauce

Calamari Con Marinara Sauce


Calamari sautéed garlic & olive oil & then stewed in tomato sauce.
Per Quart

Calamari Ripieni


Calamari stuffed with our time honored bread stuffing available in mariana sauce or lemon butter sauce

Clams Oreganato


Stuffed with clams, bread crumb, garlic & olive oil (6 pieces)

Fried Smelts


Floured, deep fried & served with lemon wedges
Per Pound

Shrimp Cocktail ~ Gamberoni


Jumbo shrimp accompanied with our dynamic cocktail sauce

Spaghetti Alla Puttanescas


Sauce of tomatoes, black olives, dry red pepper, garlic, olive oil & chopped parsley

Panedoro di Verona

Very light fluffy cake with powdered sugar

*Prices subject to change without notice


Grazie and Happy Holidays

From the Defranco Family and Staff