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Growing Up in the Butcher Shop: Twirling/Fare girare and Sports / Sportivo


Ciao Amici,


     There has been much debate on how to eat long macaroni; the spaghetti, linguine,

Fettuccini and so on. Whether it is better to hold your spoon in your left hand and fork in your right hand; or instead use the round-edged bowl the pasta is in, and then only need a fork. Like most Italians growing up, I learned by observing my grandparents and parents. I was impressed early in life with the neatness and accuracy of my grand fathers twirling ability. I recall watching and thinking that someday I will be able to do that. Besides the two ways mentioned, another technique is to just use a fork and a hunk of Italian Bread. One method I’ve seen is when people cut them with a knife and fork, losing the complete effect of which makes me cry. How do you eat your long macaroni?

     After twirling the spaghetti on Sunday; sometimes we would watch sports. When I first started watching sports with my grandfather I don’t remember him having a favorite team; only roo